Fredo and Janey have now been working for more than a year of our book on South African table grapes which was commissioned by SATI, the SA Table grape industry organisation. With the manuscript completed, Fredo is now driving Janey crazy, wading through thousands and thousands of photographs which have been accumulated through the years.

122 tractors 2The message to all people taking photographs which they may need in future is to files them properly so you can easily lay your hands on them in future. Indeed, if it was not for the photographs in Fredo’s library, gathered over 40 years, this book would not have been possible.

The subject of table grapes is a complex one, with seasons that restricts opportunities to take photographs all year round. The pics you take today, you do mostly for the future. In Fredo’s writings for the international publishing group Market Intelligence he has gathered material from across the country. He has lived and worked closely to the most important characters and leaders in the industry and he knows what happened behind the scenes.

In the final stages of table grape history

Now we are in the final stages of this book and we are working closely with editor Cassie du Plessis – interestingly man who spend most of his time writing on the wine industry. But even as we finish this off for publication, our own book, recently titled ‘A Citizen of Africa’ is nearing completion. This is a book which is free from the restrictions of a commisioned book – and the freedom to express oneself is much more rewarding. You can tell the story as you see it and the bright and dark days of the fruit industry, and the bright and not so bright dealings that happened behind the scenes over the past 40 years will be revealed.

155 Hex pack houseThis is exciting times and not bad for Fredo and Janey who have forgotten the age of retirement. There is also the book Fredo’s Chronicals which will publish some of the more interesting blogs from this blog. When Janey celebrated her 60-th, Fredo surprised her with a book of poetry published in both English and Afrikaans – and mostly written in the early 70’s.

Our Fredo Touring initiative is also turning out a few publications – mostly of our experiences in Kruger, the Kgalagadi and Etosha national parks. Our photographic library covering fruit, food, travel and nature is huge and we are also gathering material for Janey’s Cook Book.

So there is a lot to come after table grapes!