South African farmers, and in fact the whole community in South Africa, woke up to a new political shock yesterday. We all knew that the ANC was having one of its retreats to discuss all matters election and political. However, we never thought that before going to bed the President who has to a large degree had the support of most South Africans since replacing Jacob Zuma ealier this year, would pull a sneaky ‘Zuma tactic’ late at night on Tuesday!

Our Cyril called the SABC and in true Zuma style said he wanted air time to make a special announcement. What he came up with, was another shock. Just as we all got ready to get up early and to go and add our pennies’ worth at the country-wide hearings to determine the people’s views on whether people’s land should be taken from them, with out giving them a penny, Cyril announced that these processes do not matter anyway. He thinks the ANC’s recent decision to amend the constitution is enough to go straight to Parliament and get the job done. With that he wiped democratic and constitutional rights through filthy mud.

The South African Rand dropped again and this time Cyril did not even need Mr Zuma to fire anyone for this to happen. Yesterday we had anothed shock – those of us who do not have any jobs are less likely to get one, because the job losses went from bad to worst – another 102 000 lost jobs recently. And today the big platinum mine announced that they are going to retrench many more.

We did not need Cyril’s announcement – the Rand is in free-fall already. Now one wonders how the very labour intensive agricultural industries of the country, in the light of Cyril’s decision not to wait waste long before ‘smash and grab’ becomes a reality, are going to gather the confidence to invest further to offer at least a ray of hope for our economy?

From what we heard from the farms things are not going well. Cyril, one assumes, is worried sick with what is happening in its own party and his wrestling match to be more popular than Jules. He has discarded leadership for the sake of saving his own and the ANC’s bacon. What can be better than to further batter the farming community who have such an excellent track record in helping to build our country. If we go on like this Cyril would not need to encourage international investments or waste tax payers money to try and do so. The investments are already walking away and God forbid that those good folks working hard every day on their farms to sustain themselves and that huge community in the rural industry who depend on these labour intensive agri industries, should follow.

After the recent announcement, without even giving its own processes, in the name of democrazy, a chance to play themselves out, one cannot get serious about the future of our country. A survey of citrus growers has already shown that around 27% of those surveyed will divest from the industry if Cyril’s keenly support policy of land seizure with compensation goes ahead. It is known that we have some of the most progessive fruit growers in the world, taking their role in building this country very seriously. One just wonder whether the ANC actually cares – if it did, we will not have to lament the billions and billions of Rands which have been looted from this country. Much of the investment recently brought here by China and so much celebrated by Cyril and co, will be used to bail out the state enterprises already looted into the ground. It will not create jobs.

It is all so sad – what has become of the dreams with which all South African entered our new democrazy in 1994 and continued to work hard to help make this country a success.