One of the memorable days Fredo and Janey had on their various visits to Namibia was when we visited the Hobo meteorite near Grootfontein.

We stayed over at the Minen Hotel in Tsumeb which now is a firm favourite on our visits to Northern Namibia. The Minen has been in the hands of the same family for more than a hundred years. You get a decent meal and the rooms are very nice. In the court yard there is a nice swimming pool.

On the wall we found the words of the ‘Duitzwes Lied’ and this brought back great memories of the 1970’s when my varsity friends from Namibia rendered great renditions of the song in our residence.

Tsumeb also has a museum detailing the history of the country. It is somewhat lacking in recent history. With a strong German curator in place, the history of the Germans in the country dominates.

However, this is the story about Hobo. We drove towards Grootfontein and again enjoyed the road as it rolled over one hill after the other – dead straight, as elsewhere in Namibia. Before Grootfontein you turn off on a gravel road and follow the signs to the Hobo Meteorite.

We meet Hobo

Hobo landed on earth some 80,000 years ago – all three meters wide and one meter thick. A massive, foreign rock – which fell out of the sky. Imagine what it must have been like for those creatures in the area. Well, it rested in its landing spot until 1920, some 79,900 years later, when it was discovered.

It must have been submersed somewhat because in its present day position it has retaining walls around it. The farmer there eventually donated the spot to the government and it became a historical site. Over time people tried to cut pieces off the rock and one sees the rock exposed in some places.

One genius put up a sign warning of ‘falling meteorites’ – we liked it. It framed Janey’s picture.

A nice outing which you should try when you get there. That evening we tucked into a nice steak at the Minen and the next day we travelled to our favourite destination – Namutoni in Etosha.