Since our first day time in Etosha Fredo and Janey have always been sold on this beautiful wildlife sanctuary in Southern Africa.

We are not, however, happy with this beautiful place being over-crowded by visitors at certain times of the year – especially from Europe – who arrive in truck-loads and squad in large numbers in little tents and literally leaves the facilities in the camps in a shambles which no self-respecting visitors want to use.

The stampede starts!

That is why Fredo and Janey pick their visits carefully and we are always rewarded with special experiences – and received with wonderful hospitality by the staff in the camps.

Get out of my way!

Today we want to share an experience which was truly amazing – the day the Zebra’s stampeded at the mud-filled pan up to the north-west part of Etosha.

In late May, after a good rainy season, this remote pan still had some water. However, the water was receding rapidly and every day the animals had to wade further through the mud to drink. Needless to say, this represented a good opportunity for lions who were never far away.

The Zebra herds are normally a nervous and unruly bunch – and it takes only one to snort aloud for the rest to turn in a great stampede to get out of the danger zone.

As they left the mud, the tempo of the stampede increased.

On this day there were lots of animals arriving to drink – and we settled to watch. Just before this visit Fredo invested in a new long lens for his Canon camera. He had it trained on the Zebra herd as they waded up to their knees into the mud.

The pictures in this blog was taken as the stampede started until they were clear of the waterhole – enjoy!