This time of the year it is Sharon Fruit time in South Africa. During the season and the marketing of the fruit Fredo always handle the Sharon Fruit Facebook site and this has taken us to some great places.

Two years ago – in order to see what Namibians think of Sharon Fruit, we travelled to Etosha with a whole lot of fruit and stopped along the way to ask people to taste and give us there comments.

For those who do not know Sharon Fruit – it is a variety of persimmon and was brought to South Africa to create alternative production for the Sharon Fruit produced in the Northern Hemisphere. This will therefore lengthen the marketing season. In Europe people know the persimmon very well and also call it Khaki.

We do grow some persimmons in South Africa – but it is only since the arrival of Sharon Fruit some 20 years ago that the industry has become significant. Sharon Fruit is grown in the Southern Cape – mainly in the Swellendam and Bonnievale regions.

Being a new taste in fruit, it took some time to introduce to Sharon Fruit to consumers. Now it is well accepted and each year Sharon Fruit lovers await the season with much anticipation. It is a short one – from April to July – so one has to be sharp to get hold of them.

At Okaukuejo’s waterhole

But back to Etosha! There we were at Okaukeujo’s famous waterhole and we took some great photos of the fruit at the waterhole. We also met the two Austraiians, Greg and Brett, who really never saw Sharon Fruit before – we recorded a delightful interview with them.

We also met Jones – a well-know staff member of Namibia Wildlife Resorts – who loved the fruit and did his best to keep the jackals from overturning our bin outside our chalet every night. Those jackals roam the camp at night and if you have a bar b que – and you are not sharp – they will pinch your meat from the fire.

This year – in May – we would have been in Etosha again – on another Sharon Fruit Safari!  Instead we are locked down at our home at the Goukou River on the Southern Coast. So the best we can do is bring you memories of that visit. Next year we will be back in one of Africa’s greatest game parks – taking Sharon Fruit with us!

Sharon Fruit in Namibia