Goodbye Cape Town as Fredo Touring heads for Namibia

Fredo Touring has left Cape Town and is now heading for Namibia. It was a bitterly cold day as we were given a send-off by staff from CANSA in Meadowridge and after a long day we finally reached Springbok in the Northern Cape. We had a pleasant ride with the...

What happened to the Rainbow Nation? Searching for answers!

When South Africa marched to freedom in 1994 to vote and form its first democratic government, Archbishop Desmond Tutu often referred to the birth of the “Rainbow Nation”. Twenty years since the start of the Rainbow Nation, and judging from what has happened in our...

Fredo and Janey take the Little Elephant for an outing down the coast!

The Southern Cape always offers great travel opportunities. For Fredo and Janey the November trip to our house at Riverside at Stilbaai was also the opportunity to break away for a few days on the Garden Route. When we therefore left Cape Town on 13 November, we took...

Trying some Sharon Fruit with the Arch

About six years ago Fredo had the opportunity to meet Archbishop Tutu for the first time. We travelled together to Citrusdal for the blessing of the citrus crop at a farm called Cedar Citrus, belonging jointly to the well-known Van der Merwe family and a group of...

Fredo’s blog – Food, Fruit, Travel and Nature

Writing about Food, Fruit, Travel and Nature is our passion and through Fredo’s blog we want to share our experiences with you. Fredo is written by Fred and Jane Meintjes who live in Tokai in Cape Town in South Africa’s Western Cape region. From time to time, we will...


During the summer months – from October till April – the valleys of the Cape region provides the best of summer fruits – look out for our stories on grapes, peaches, nectarines, plums, apples and pears! We also write about our wonderful avocadoes and citrus fruits, and our berries and cherries!

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We publish books on life stories, the history of our country and its peoples and poetry. Look out for ‘Thoughts of a Long Time ago’, the Quest for Quality, a historical review of South African table grapes and its products and peoples.

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