While Fredo and Janey were in Mauritius two things happened that is close to our hearts. Valentine found his freedom and little Michaela received her gifts from her ‘grandparents’.

We found little Valentine at our house about two months ago. He was cowering behind one of the outside doors after he was separated from his nest. We thought he was a swallow, but it turned out that he was a nightjar – in Afrikaans we call then ‘naguiltjies’.
After some days he ended up on the farm of Nita Wessels near Albertinia, who cared for him. She taught him to eat, eventually to catch his supper on his own and to fly.

Yesterday Nita told us that about a week ago Valentine flew from his cage and settled with the other nightjars in the surrounding bush. We felt elated, Valentine was returned to the wild and will continue to live a happy life amongst his own.

Joy for Michaela

Michaela is the sweet little girl who lived with her mom and dad near Rooiberg Cellar at Robertson. Her mother Freda recently was killed in a car accident. We net Freda as a cook at Bodega restaurant next to the wine cellar and could help to take an interest in little Michaela who now has to fend for herself without her mother’s help.

Two weeks ago we dropped of some warm clothes and other comforting things with Freda’s fellow cook, Neville, at Bodega and asked him to hand them to Michaela. While we were on the road we got some pics from Neville from the day the staff of Bodega handed the gifts to her. There was also a video and this all reminded us so much of how privileged we all are. We take life for granted and we need to count our blessings.

We will in future, when it is the right time, meet Michaela and we do not mind being referred to as her new ‘grand parents’.
As for Valentine, be free little friend and if you get to Riverside again – we are there to welcome you. Here next to the river there is plenty of food for ‘naguiltjies’ and we look forward to seeing you and your cousins again.