Will we sit inside for a bit longer? This is the decision the South African government will have to make fairly soon about the present lockdown to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Tomorrow we will be on day 14 of 21 days. The nerves are sometime frail – and the quiet gets to you.

Fredo is one of those who is quite sure what the right thing is to do! Let’s sit tight for some time longer – we have no option and it is the right thing to do in a country where the risk of a fast spread of the virus is always a threat because of our social economic conditions. At present we are coping, but we know that there are people in large parts of our country who are already suffering hardship. Their suffering will increase as time goes on.

We are in lockdown

It is Wednesday and normally Adrian and Ellen will come and clean the house and the garden. But they are also locked in and we will be sending them their salaries today so they can also look after themselves.

Nothing will be the same again!

We have said it before and we will say it again – in future nothing will be the same again. Get ready for it and use this time to think about the circumstances you find yourself in and make plans to be part of the new future. South Africa is now in junk status and the Rand is trading at more than R22.00 to the British Pound and nearly R19.00 to the US Dollar. We may well celebrate the lower oil price and the fact that our fuel prices at the pump will be reduced. But what are the hidden dangers of the currency decline and the very low oil price?

The low oil price will definitely affect the economies of Africa. Together with the closure of borders on the continent it will dampen trade. The South African apple growers who have done so well in growing their sales in Africa will most probably have to deal with reduced orders and sales.

The present exchange rate between the Rand and the European currencies – the Pound and the Euro – will increase the prices of imported fruits during our off-season. From June to September South Africans have been able to buy important table grapes, stone fruit and berries – which ensured that we virtually have these products on the shelves all year round.

All kinds of US Dollar based imported products which is used in the South African industries will become much more expensive. In sort, we will be affected adversely by these two factors – the drop in the Rand and the drop in the oil price.

Let’s work together!

One good thing that Covid-19 is doing is that it forces our very divided society to work together. We need it and we may very well get used to it now. The problems in our country – from the economy to our social conditions – are such that we simply have to stand together.

Fredo is therefore delighted that in these times there are so much goodwill – a spirit of saying: Covid19 – you will not get us down. In our homes we are carrying on as best we can! No doubt, we are grumpy sometimes – but we need to get through it.

That is why we wake up every morning at 07:30 – yes winter is setting in and the sun rises a bit later – and we turn to our tablet to be properly woken up by that cheerful family in Cape Town – Johno, Jules and their lovely daughters Hunter and Halle! Johno runs Johno’s E Fitness Faculty (JEFF) and they show exactly that spirit which we encourage amongst all South Africans. They have found a way to stay relevant and their training sessions are setting the world alight – in the comfort of our homes.

Join JEFF TOGETHER on Ester Monday

This happen every day of the week – and we love waking up with a smile – because they are smiling all the time! People join the broadcast from all over the world – and next Monday – on Easter Monday – they aim to have the biggest ever on-line exercise session in the history of our country – perhaps even the world.

Join JEFF TOGETHER at 07:45 Central African time (South African time too) – and let’s help them to get to that 150 000 mark they are looking for, After that, join every day and stay fit and healthy! As Johno says – no excuses!

Fredo and Janey also spend an hour every day walking – here on our property next to the river! They say: “A healthy body creates a healthy mind.” We all need to remember that!