It is September and the flowers of the Cape region are out in their full glory. This is the time of the year to head out of Cape Town and down the N-2 towards the Garden Route.

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You travel through the rolling hills of the Overberg, with wheat fields and canola painting a pretty picture. This is what Fredo and Janey did last week – we travelled to Stilbaai where we have been in our house on the Goukou River for the last week.

Here the fynbos our out and the Erica’s we have planted near our house are in full bloom. Not far from our home is a fynbos field which we helped clear from invasive plants some years ago. After the good rains down here this year it is very special.






In front of our house the tides of the river come and go –across the river the cows are grazing in the fields and on the banks in front of us the Kiewiet and the Dikkop strut their stuff. It is a beautiful time of the year and something one can really enthuse about.

But it is the drive down here which is very inspiring. The wheat will soon rich maturity and will be harvested in October and November. By December this green landscape will look entirely differently, almost bare. The patches of canola in-between the green fields is the photographers dream.

This is the time to get out of Cape Town and head down this way. It is the most beautiful time of the year and something you should not miss.