Fredo can still clearly remember the last time when a major cyclone struck Mozambique. The heroics of South African Air Force pilots and other rescue crews saved countless lives in the country. To read that about your countrymen and their efforts in Mozambique and Zimbabwe clearly brought a feeling of pride to us all.

This past week a cyclone returned again – this time also having effects in South Africa. The outcome of this could be a devastating blow to the South African economy.

We feel for those people

This is our countryside.

Cyclone Idai not only took many lives – it has been described as the most devastating in the history of Southern Africa. In Zimbabwe many lives were lost and large areas flooded.

Fredo feels for the people who live in these beautiful parts of Africa. It is a poor region and difficult to reach under these conditions. One can only imagine what they must be going through.

Idai also wiped out the power supply lines from the giant Cahora Bassa dam to South Africa. It could not have happened at a worst time for South Africa. The country’s electrical supply company is already in a state of collapse. Unlike the damage to the grid in Mozambique which was caused by a cyclone, the mess that we have in South Africa is entirely due to corruption and mismanagement of what was once the envy of many other countries.

The lights are going out for South Africa and citizens are now already without power for up to 8 hours a day. It will devastate the economy which are already in a sad state – hard times are lying ahead.

How can we allow this to happen?

The beauty of our wildlife

The electrical supply company is but one of the once proud state institutions on the brink of collapse. The national airline cannot fly without further bailouts by taxpayers, the national broadcaster is bankrupt and cannot pay its staff, across the country local authorities and their services are collapsing, the Public Investment Company is accused of fraudulent investment of pensioners’ money! One commission of enquiry after another. The big architect of the looting and his cohorts are still untouched.

Those responsible are walking free, even being on the candidate lists of the majority party. They will sit in Parliament again after the May elections.

Alan Paton, famed South African writer, in the era of apartheid, wrote his acclaimed novel, Cry the Beloved Country. What would he have written today?

Fredo bets he would be crying for South Africa today!

We are clearly descending into darkness – who knows where we will end up! Fredo cannot blame young South Africans if the descend into despair – or seek a life somewhere else.