Fredo and Jane are in the Victoria Beachcomber in Mauritius and we are ready for a very special day – celebrating Johno and Jules’ wedding!

With us are friends from as far as Europe and others from around the world who had business commitments are her in spirit. The Victoria is a great venue – and all here are relaxed and enjoying the time of friendship.

the grandchildren are here and we are all going to sit in the Indian Ocean – because it is hot, 30 degrees – and humid. When you walk out of your room, you immediately feel it. We are going to have a ceremony on the beach this afternoon and then all 35 of us will feast on the beach with the dance floor just about on the edge of the water.

From a travel perspective it is good to book an all inclusive rate, since arriving here we did not have to even change money. There are a number of restaurants and you can eat as much as you want.

Fruits at breakfast

Fredo found South African Granny Smith and Royal Gala apples and Packham Pears at breakfast this morning. There was also plenty of tropical fruits – with Kiwi, paw paw, fruit salad and funny looking Baby Bananas.

The Victoria has three excellent restaurants and the buffets, Italian and seafood are excellent. Last night we ate calamari, mussels and the like. Tomorrow  we will celebrate Janey’s birthday in style and there will be plenty of fun before we head home on Sunday.