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Fredo’s blog is a unique and different look at Food, Fruit, Travel and Nature. These are all subjects which we are passionate about and on which we have virtually spend a life-time of reading, experiencing and experimenting. Fredo’s blog is written by Fred and Jane Meintjes and we live on the South African south coast, about 300 kilometers from beautiful Cape Town. We will bring you unusaul and exciting stories of our experiences of eating out or cooking our own recipes, whether it is in the kitchen or on one of our travels, or on the bank of the Goukou River at our cottage near Stilbaai. Our stories on Fruit will take you into the wonderful world of fresh fruit and the hundreds of new products and varieties you can enjoy throughout the year. Fredo has spent a life-time in the fresh produce industry and he will also tackle current and controversial issues which are crucial for the sustainability of this sector.

Janey & Fredo

Travel and Nature is part of our life and we bring you stories of the many towns, valleys and the wide open plains we are visiting. Our love for Nature is inspired by our two lovely dogs, Joelie and Mo-Jo, who are sadly not with us anymore, as well as the many kinds of birds, fish and animals we find in our country and the world around us. We live a stone throw away from the greatest floral kingdom in the world and have played our part in restoring one special piece of Fynbos land which today provide joy to all who visit it. Our travels have taken us to Southern Africa’s magnificent game parks – Kruger, Etosha and Kgalagadi – to name a few. We are at our happiest on an early morning game drive or watching the animals come and go at the waterholes.

Our travels have special meaning – because we do that to support our charities benefitting people affected by cancer. Our spiritual leader is Archbishop Desmond Tutu whom we so happy to be able to call our friend.

So read and enjoy and tell us of your experiences. We welcome your suggestions of places you would like to see reviewed, comments, questions or enquiries.


During the summer months – from October till April – the valleys of the Cape region provides the best of summer fruits – look out for our stories on grapes, peaches, nectarines, plums, apples and pears! We also write about our wonderful avocadoes and citrus fruits, and our berries and cherries!

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Our Books

We publish books on life stories, the history of our country and its peoples and poetry. Look out for ‘Thoughts of a Long Time ago’, the Quest for Quality, a historical review of South African table grapes and its products and peoples.

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