For some years now Fredo has been arguing that one solution to overcrowded school rooms throughout our country is to allow more schooling from home. With modern technology it is certainly possible to do so.

It will then be possible to use the limited school facilities available for those who really need to be in the class room.

Covid-19 – and its disruption to the school term – may just have enhanced this option as a solution to the class room crisis. This break in schooling – due to the government regulations – which we all as loyal South Africans should whole-heartedly support, is likely to be a lengthy one. But Covid-19 looks like doing much more.

It will also affect business life as we know it. Working from home is perhaps – when this is all over – the acceptable way of conducting the work-place of the future. Granted – working from home will be limited in certain professions. But schools, universities and a whole host of other office situations could look very much different in the future. Why would companies continue to have large offices with lots of staff – and pay a fortune for rentals, electricity and other things required to run offices? Working from home is however not as simple as it sounds. Companies will have to equip their staff at home and it will require a different kind of work ethic than we often see from South Africans. You have to be disciplined and able to set your own standards of work in order to meet the requirements that your employer will place on you.

Fredo knows – he has been working on his own from home since 2002 – and has done a fairly decent job of it.

The government talks a lot about the fourth industrial revolution – but how we are now coping with working from home shows that we already have the tools to do so. We should just develop the concept further and perhaps create incentives for more people and businesses to do so. The home school model – on a permanent basis – should also be develop further by the school authorities.

We will spend less on building new schools, universities will be less under pressure to find both class room and accommodation for a rapidly expanding group of aspirant graduates. The giant offices all around the country will become less used and companies will possibly use only small or shared facilities when they really have to get staff together for meetings.If you work from home you can meet around the lounge table – perhaps your wife will make you a cup of coffee – if she is not too busy with her own work. Or you can make her some! You both will have to share the supervision of the children – studying from home as you have to do now. You spend much more quality time together and may we say use less fuel in the car – which is good for the environment.

And then there is the views that one has to go to the gym to keep fit. If you cannot go for a jog or a run, you can exercise in your own lounge – with the whole family. This has now been proven by the on-line group – JEFF TOGETHER – which is taking the world by storm. No more un-inspiring gym halls – as thousands of people from around the world show every morning when they participate. No more wasting fuel on trips to the gym either – or may we say gym fees. It is on your doorstep.

Perhaps some of the offices or even unused education facilities can be turned into hospitals or homes to house the homeless!

Are these ideas not think out of the box?