After a good raining season, the animals of Etosha thrive.

In 2018 we had a remarkable experience at a pan near Okendeka on the west side of the Etosha Pan.

As they left the mud, the tempo of the stampede increased.

In full flight through the mud

The rains filled the pan – normally you do not find water there. When we were there it had been slowly drying up, with the water surrounded by a stretch of mud. The Zebras het to negotiate this to get to the water. Needless to say, with lions always in the area, they were very nervous to come and drink.

Struggling through the mud!

We watch them for a long time as they waded in, then get a fright and retreated.

Now Zebras are a nervous bunch – one snort by one of the leaders – and they were off.

We sat there with our long camara lense ready – and once they scrambled we simply kept the pics running.

We go three great action pics.