If it was not for Covid-19 and the lockdown in South Africa, Fredo and Janey would have been in Namutoni in Etosha in Namibia.

Etosha is one of our favourite places on this earth and the special times we have spent there is something we will never forget. We have been there in 2013, 2015 and 2018 and this year we were looking forward to getting there again.

Now – this weekend – we are celebrating the end of the first two stages of the lockdown – Levels 5 and 4 will become level 3 on Monday – 1 June 2020. Apart from not being able to go to Namibia, the past 50 days have been tough. When we started we were told it is for 21 days – and we were more or less prepared for that. But 50 days and more, and we are only at level three, is tough.

On Monday 1 June we will at least be able to get hold of some of our favourite wines – and if that happens the rest of the lockdown may be more reasonable. Let’s face it – nothing will be the same again. We have seen some remarkable initiatives to deal with business in these times. Nothing perhaps more so than the work of very special people in our lives – our son Johno, his wife Julie, children Hunter and Halle – and their business associates and the staff of Johno’s Fitness Faculty. When lockdown came they devised a concept of fitness and training that would totally change fitness and training for the future, in fact the lives of so many people.

The Giraffes of Etosha


We will not say more about it – but encourage you to google JEFF TOGETHER – at 07:45 every day of the week – from Monday till Saturday – Central African time. JEFF TOGETHER now has 35 000 members in 99 countries around the world. Whether you are in London, Moscow, Beijing, Los Angeles – or wherever you may be – you can join in there in your own home – and achieve remarkable results.

You may ask what JEFF TOGETHER has to do with Etosha? Johno has given Jules the nick name of Giraffe and there are often jokes on their programme about the Giraffe doing het workouts. For Fredo and Janey Giraffes are part of the special moments in Etosha.

The Giraffes at Chodup

One afternoon at Chudop

For us the Giraffes are some of the most beautiful animals in the world – and Jules can feel so proud to be associated with them.

We are including two short videos in this blog – to prove the point. While we are sad not to be with them right now – these videos lift our spirits.

We will travel there as soon as we are out of lockdown and Covid-19 – and in future we will take our children and their children with us to experience the wonders of Etosha.