Everyday we hear that nothing will be the same after the events we are now experiencing around the world. Thirty minutes of the international news channels is enough to drive one into a state of morbidity. Ignore as you may want to – it will do no good.

The reality is that nothing will be the same again for the people of this world. The staggering projections of loss of life is enough to shook all of us. Those who simply shrugged and went about their ways over the past few weeks now realise that from this one we cannot hide. All we can do is work together to do our bit to see how we can slow the Coronavirus down and hopefully that will result in the pandemic being arrested. It will be a long time before a suitable vaccine will be available – and it is not realistic to expect that the wonder cure will see us through. No, we have to unite and work together as the people of this world has neer done before.

What will lift our spirits is that amongst all the disruption and chaos there are refreshingly new stories – of new ways of doing things which will also change our world. For instance Johno, our son, and his wife Jules and two little daughters, have found a new way of doing their fitness business. Every morning their JEFF TOGETHER training session which is presented by Johno’s E Fitness Faculty keeps thousands of people busy from across the world. This morning there were 10 000 people joining in. The concept is simple – you do not have to go to the gym anymore to stay fit – do it in your home. What makes Johno’s programme so unique, is the fact that it is on-line and personalized – you are assessed and you have nutritional programmes that meet your requirements. So you do not only eat well, you exercise according to your needs.

It is for me obvious – become a JEFF, save a lot of gym fees and have a wonderful new life. If you are interested, look for JEFF Fitness Faculty and get started amidst the doom and gloom.

Working from home

The other inspiring thought came from Delena  Engelbrecht, inspiring CEO of logistics company, GoGlobal.

She has shown that women can do it in a man’s world – in fact she is the envy of most of the men in her circles. She says that some time before the latest lock down in South Africa occurred, she asked her executive to move all staff who can work from home to their homes There they were set up with connectivity to the company’s systems. When the axe fell – they were ready.

Delena says she likes the new way of doing things and feel that it will become a permanent feature of the future. “I quite like working from home and so does all of us,” she says.

Then there is the inspiring stories of those who work in the front lines of fighting the virus. We do not know what they will endure – but if we emerge on the other side in some sort of shape, we should start building monuments to the health and emergency workers who risk their lives for us. And we should bow our heads in shame for what we have done to our planet.