Over the past two years Fredo and Janey commented much on our travels to research the history of South African table grapes. The coffee table book, The South African Table Grape Industry – 125 Years in Pursuit of Excellence, was finally published in May this year.

The book has reached wide acclaim and the first print has been almost sold out. It is enjoyed both inside and outside the fresh produce industry.
From time to time we will return to special moments in this publication – to share them with a wide audience.

Now, however, we need to take on a new challenge – actually three new challenges. Following the publication of ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’ Lucien Jansen, CEO of a company called PPECB approached us to write a similar publication for his company.

The PPECB – what is that?

For those who do not know – PPECB stands for Perishable Products Export Control Board, an organisation established under an act of parliament with a colourful history. It is now almost 90 years old – an amazing feat in our fast changing world.

Now we have to contemplate a different challenge – and believe me that working with anything to do with the state is not easy. The wheels turn more slowly and one has to adapt to that. So PPECB’s book – yet untitled – is will keep us busy.

At the same time Fredo is putting the finishing touches to a publication – Citizen of Africa. This is our own story – around 70 years of it. It details our childhoods, ten years in journalism and rubbing shoulders and special moments with Apartheid and Anti-Apartheid leaders and 23 years in corporate communication in the international fruit business. Then there is 20 years working for ourselves – from home and getting time to enjoy more time with Janey. This include our special relationship with local and international partners – and Archbishop Tutu.

Arch stories are special

Writing about ‘The Arch’ or Uncle Desmond as Fredo often calls him – and the special moments and support we received for him and Mamma Tutu are recorded. So we look forward to sharing that with friends and readers soon.

Then there is ‘The Ultimate travel Story’ – the story of Iconic Fruit Valleys, Families and Farms in South Africa. After 40 years in the ‘fruit business’ we know every valley and family in this country – and the farms located in these valleys. We will carefully select 20 partners for this book – and it is really going to be very special.

So, watch this spot – we will soon tell you more!