Fredo is going to explore the West Coast in July and, with Janey, we are going to find a couple of magical places to stay and contribute some memorable stories to our blog. Due to Covid 19 we have not been able to travel over the post year or so. On two occasions we missed out on Namibia where our first love is Etosha, one of the greatest game reserves in Africa. We were due to return from our latest trip this month but because of the governments dismal roll out of vaccines we had to cancel our plans.

Instead we will visit Cape Town in early July for a few business meetings and then head up to Shelley Point near Stompneusbaai on the West Coast for a few days. Then we will drive down to Langebaan where we will be exploring the areas around the Langebaan Lagoon.

At Shelley point we hope to spend a few days at the hotel at the golf course, walk on the fairways and explore the beaches around this area. We also will be buying fresh fish and chips at St Helena Bay. The first time we visited this area was in 2017 when we also dropped in at Shelley Point to talk to Chris ‘Whiskey’ Steenkamp, who told us about the old days of table grape growing along the Orange River.

Chris was the first grower in that region who officially packed table grapes for the export market. We all know that today the grape business along the Orange River has brought tremendous change to the region. Today it is sustaining a huge community of people over more than 300 kilometres along the river. In a normal season the growers there pack about 20 million cartons of grapes for the export market.

Chris eventually retired at Shelley Point and he told us about the famous fish and chips of the West Coast. That is why we decided to visit this particular area. We will also be blogging about the Shelley Point hotel and what one can do there – apart from playing golf. From what we know there are two restaurants – we are simply looking for a nice peaceful place to stay, have a good rest and explore the area.

From there we will be visiting Cape St Martin and Duyker Eiland. We need to find out where these names come from and something about the wildlife, birds and sea in this region. We also need to find out how the local communities live.

On to Langebaan

On our way to Langebaan we will be visiting Paternoster and have lunch in one of its famous seafood eateries. These areas all traditional fishing villages along the West Coast and we have long wanted to talk to a couple of those local fishermen and tell their stories.

At Langebaan we hope to stay at Shark Bay hotel – located slightly outside Langebaan but overlooking the southern side of the lagoon. We cannot wait to sit on the balcony and look out over this magnificent area. In early July the spring flowers will start appearing and we are very keen to exploit the area around the lagoon to see what we can find.

So, we are going to the West Coast to resume our exploring after the Covid 19 virus kept us at home for so long. But we are also most happy to know that we now have bookings for Kgalagadi in May next year. We will then renew oh acquaintance with the animals in the dunes and along the dry riverbeds of that desert region next year.