Three things kept Janey and Fredo sane during the past 18 months of lockdown! It was the ability to connect with the JEFF TOGETHER family on Facebook every morning and sometime throughout the day. Then was the special new meaning we could attribute to “eating out”. An, our daily face-time with Isla.

Come to think of it – the is a third one is very special.. Our daily chats on facetime with our daughter Sue and granddaughter Isla who now lives in England took us to their home. Isla, only 5, will call us sometimes twice a day – it gives us lots of joy.

For those who have not heard of JEFF – it is a fitness and well-being initiative started by our son, Johno and his family. It started when all the gyms were closed, people had to isolate in their homes and there was nowhere one could go.

That genius Johno started Jeff Together with his wife Juls – and with their two young daughters running around them – they started offering the home-grown version of a lifestyle which includes a healthy body, healthy mind and true community spirit. Today, and with the help of a well-respected businessman, Sam Paddock, JEFF Together is followed around the world – and it offers many different fitness programmes you can participate in without leaving your home. The magic is that it brought thousands upon thousands of people both here and overseas together in a community which cares for each other.

The last time Fredo checked – around 70,000 people were regularly participating in JEFF programmes. True to its community spirit JEFF has raised more than R1,7 million for various charities. What is more, JEFF grew his staff from 8 to almost 100 – providing work opportunities in very hard times.

Cooking with Master JEFF

What Janey loves most is every Wednesday night she can watch Master JEFF Adrian cooking his wonderful and nourishing dishes live with the whole community participating. Fredo had to print out many pages of JEFF Cookbooks which are now in Janey’s collection – along with about 400 other cookbooks she has gathered over the years.

Needless to say – while Janey is keeping Fredo well-nourished – she has not cooked many of these recipes for him.

Before Fredo get himself into trouble, let us move to the other subject – the new concept of “eating out” in Stilbaai. We love eating out and regularly visited several of the fine restaurants in Stilbaai before Covid shut us down.

Our friend Hanlie at her Hanlie’s Bistro came to the rescue! She brought us meals to our home – oxtail, lamb shank, the works. Sunday lunch is a winner – delivered to our doorstop.

So, when we now talk about “eating out”, it actually means “eating in” on Hanlie’s delicious dishes.

In our opinion, Johno and his team, and Hanlie and her Bistro, and Sue and Isla in England kept us sane in very hard times. In fact – we will never stop joining Johno and his team at 07:45 in the morning – on JEFF TOGETHER FACEBOOK.. Along with Johno, his whole team has become our family.

So, good things came from the struggle against Covid – and we are better for it.